The Anti-Lead Company

Who We Are?

We are a team of communication professionals, who’s main interest is to deliver top-notch marketing and technology tools to connect Investment Sponsors with Financial Advisors.

The Problem

“How to Connect Sponsors with Investment Products with Broker Dealers, Financial Advisors, Registered Independent Advisors, Etc.”
Sponsors are aware that generating high-quality connections with new distribution channels is one of their biggest challenges.
Lead generation services never check, validate, or qualify FA’s / RIA’s information before transferring it to their clients.
Lead generation services (DB) rarely convert into sales. Lack of nurturing data is the main cause for this behavior.
Companies that nurture their relationships with FA’s and RIA’s, generate more sales at 33% lower costs. generate more sales at 33% lower costs. .


Your investment products
with more than…


Financial Advisors

Still doing business
as usual?

Not all Business Leads are created equally…
Not all Data Bases are created equally…

Not qualified info
Not all lead generation services provide “legit qualified leads.” Not all leads can be called leads.

Third party

Many offers databases acquired from third parties with very poor, outdated, irrelevant or inaccurate information.

No Automation

Others call “lead” any
source of data;
with automation tools,
deriving in very poor
conversion rates.

Low Conversion

Real leads need to prove their activation potential in order to be aligned to the client’s commercial objectives.

Always be Closing

XCOUTER is a turnkey marketing service
created to connect Investment Sponsors with
distribution networks.





We don’t sell leads, we provide our clients real qualified to keep their commercial teams doing what really matters, ABC deals.

How Does it Work?


WE ARE NOT in the business of lead sales


Our focus is generate conversion, based on qualified prospects


We provide tools to connect and grow your distribution


We customize our
CRM, based on your


We give you a
dedicated team.


We are a turn key
marketing agency.

Why we are Different?

We qualify our data using our own methodology called X-Pro, which consist in the implementation following process & tools.


1. Start with the definition
of your target audience.
2. Identify your audience
Minumun Actionable Points.


3. Implement a Grading System
and set priorities.
4. Design an onboarding
marketing strategy.
5. Feed your audience with
relevant marketing content.
5. Remove irrelevant data,
evaluate and repeat..

Permanent improvement is a must for our data health. We keep our information updated due to the implementation of practices like:

Our agency staff is here to help you design marketing campaigns to activate your sales funnel

Access our CRM to start your onbording campaign

Our work includes a grading process to give only the best prospects

Start by define your target audience!

Audience example:
Registered Independent Advisors (RIAs):
– Must be able to work with:
– Sponsor’s investment program
– Interest in Alternative Investments
– Well defined investment portfolio